Missions Destination

Pahokee’s Brighter Day Begins With Your Visit.

Missions teams with a desire to put Christian compassion into action will find a warm welcome in Pahokee, Florida … and a chance to impact the lives of people struggling to survive right here in America.

Prosperity Turns To Poverty

First United Methodist Church of Pahokee has been here through boom times and bad. This once thriving agricultural town faces prolonged economic hardship and severe community decline.

During better days, sugarcane flourished and Pahokee’s farming industry prospered. But mechanized agriculture replaced workers, and the town’s growth shriveled.

The paper closed in 1985. The hospital left in 1998. The mill shut down in 2007. But First United Methodist Church hung on, a beacon of hope and a grateful host to missions teams who bring helping hands and healing love.

Visiting Pakokee. Lifting Spirits.


The elderly and disabled.

The jobless and homeless.

The cast aside and forgotten.

Answering the call to help a town filled with so many needs provides a unique opportunity. Surrounded by poverty and hopelessness, the smallest kindness has great significance.

Your visit itself is a gift from God. And service opportunities are as varied as the day is long, including:

  • Compassionate Outreach
  • Evangelism
  • Construction Projects
  • Painting/Landscaping/Yard Work
  • Skilled Specialty Projects (Roofing, Ramp Building, Etc.)

Your missions trip to the Glades region won’t be all work and no play. Local amenities include horseback riding, farm tours, airboat rides, and sunset devotionals at Lake Okeechobee. You’ll see a side of Florida far from the crowded tourist hubs – a place of natural beauty and quiet inspiration.

Experience the rewards of bringing the light of Christ to a community that’s had more than its share of dark days. Call (561) 924-7241 to learn more about how your missions team can make a difference.

We'd Love For You To Join Us.

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Restoring Lives Through Christ

In this town that needs so much, First United Methodist Church of Pahokee has taken a leadership role in rebuilding lives by following Jesus’ example. Under the direction of Pastor Patti Aupperlee, the church has earned national praise for its Restorative Justice Ministry and the outreach work it does with a nearby community of registered sex offenders.

As Pastor Patti explains in the heartfelt video below, offenders who have served their time and face the uphill journey back into society find the faith and fellowship at FUMC that fosters healthy, responsible behavior.

“These are people who have made mistakes, but have repented and are diligent in their efforts to take their lives in a better direction,” notes Pastor Patti. “They’re thankful for the opportunity to serve Christ and be productive members of the community.” The church, meanwhile, ensures the safety of all who serve here with a vigilantly managed program of supervised accountability.