A Restorative Justice Ministry

At First United Methodist Church of Pahokee, we believe in a justice that is about getting well rather than getting even. We embrace an approach that seeks to heal broken lives, relationships and communities.

Restorative justice is a growing movement within law enforcement systems around the world. It is a method that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with harmed parties and the community at large.  When those who have been harmed, offenders, and community members come together to decide how to repair the damage, the results can be transformational.

As a Restorative Justice Ministry, First United Methodist Church of Pahokee is part of a movement that chooses to redeem instead of condemn. In all that we do, from prison visitation of offenders to shepherding their re-entry into society, we seek renewal and safety for the community, support and healing for victims, and complete accountability from those we serve.

Please watch our video to learn more about our Restorative Justice Ministry work.